There are many ways you can help make it a better piece of software - please dive in and help!

Try browsing the documentation - if something's confusing or not clear, let us know. Download the code & try it out and see what you think. Browse the source code. Got an itch to scratch, want to tune some operation or add some feature?

Want to do some hacking on it? Try surfing the our issue tracker for open issues or features that need to be implemented. Take ownership of an issue and try fix it.

Getting in touch

There are various ways of communicating with the community.

Improving the documentation

Documentation is massively important to help users make the most of the project and it's probably the area that needs the most help!

So if you are interested in helping the documentation effort; whether its just to fix a page here or there, correct a link or even write a tutorial or improve what documentation is already there please do dive in and help!

If you find a bug or problem

Please raise a new issue in our issue tracker

If you can create a JUnit test case then your issue is more likely to be resolved quickly.

Also, we can add your test case to Subversion and then we'll know when it's really fixed and we can ensure that the problem stays fixed in future releases.


As every project the OpenEngSB developed its own rules and guidelines for contribution. The following collection of links points to all relevant guidelines for contributing to the project.