Recommended Eclipse Plug-ins for Developers

The following plug-ins for Eclipse are recommended for the development of the OpenEngSB. If not otherwise stated we recommend the latest stable version of the plug-ins. For information about the basic setup of this plug-ins please take a look into the corresponding plug-in documentation. This section only gives hints for setup if it is OpenEngSB specific.

Properties Editor

The properties editor can be used to edit the properties files used for internationalization and automatically escapes special characters, like the German "ΓΌ".

Rinzo XML Editor

Rinzo XML Editor adds support for full XML editing including Java File completion and renaming to the Eclipse platform. Since SpringIDE is no longer an option (because of blueprint) Rinzo XML is a good alternative for SpringIDE in the context of the OpenEngSB.

Eclemma code coverage

At the OpenEngSB project we're trying to keep test density as high as possible. To check the coverage of code written locally we recommend Eclemma as a free and OpenSource Eclipse plugin.

Eclipse M2 Plugin

The M2 Eclipse Plugin"> adds Maven support directly to your platform. Though, please still use openengsb:eclipse instead of this plugin if you're generating the .project, .classpath and .settings files. We recommend you this plugin since it helps a great deal with editing pom files, but for NO other use.

Egit Eclipse Plugin

Egit Eclipse Plugin adds Git support to your Eclipse IDE. Though, we do not reccomend commiting/pulling via the IDE, but rather via the CMD and use the IDE as a visual indicator for changed files.

Eclipse CS

The checkstyle plugin integrates checkstyle into Eclipse. Conformance with checkstyle criteria has to be checked before each push to the repository, so integrating the check into the IDE helps developers to already conform to the checkstyle criteria during development. You have to configure the plug-in to use our checkstyle configuration file, which can be found here.


The [Drools plug-in| is handy if you want to edit workflows or Drools rules, because it provides syntax highlighting for rules and a graphical editor for workflows.