Project Roles

This section describes the how the roles in the OpenEngSB Project are defined.

Basically the OpenEngSB is, from it's structure exactly as any Apache Software Foundation (ASF) project. We split the different roles in User, Contributor, Commiters and Project Comitee Members.
In addition the OpenEngSB is developed in a metocracy, similar to ASF the persons doing the most affect the project most. Basically the only reason we're not an ASF project is that we prefer using GIT :)


Users are persons using the OpenEngSB.
This group does not contribute in the OpenEngSB project in any way. They download the OpenEngSB, use it and may ask questions in the IRC channel or on the mailing lists.


Contributors are users who contribute ideas, issues or pull requests.
Basically the only difference between users and contributors are that they actively contribute to the OpenEngSB in one or another way. Those users have full rights on the issue tracker after they've created an account but are not allowed to access the OpenEngSB core repos with write karma.


Commiters have the same rights as contributors with the difference that they have wirte access to the OpenEngSB Github repositories. They are allowed to directly push changes, but also should review pull-requests.

To become a commiter a person have to be active on different parts of the OpenEngSB. Provide patches, write documentation, answer on the user mailing list and the IRC channel. If a contributor is active for an undefined time the project comitee members may vote to add a contributor to a commiter.

Project Comitee Members

Project comitee members have the same rights as commiters, with the difference that they are responsible for the project. PMCs release the OpenEngSB, vote contributors to commiters and commiters to PMCs.

Every commiter can become a PMC through active contribution to the OpenEngSB.