About OpenEngSB

In engineering environments a lot of different tools are used. Most of these operate on the same domain, but often interoperability is the limiting factor. For each new project and team member tool integration has to be repeated again. In general, this ends up with numerous point-to-point connectors between tools which are neither stable solutions nor flexible ones.

This is the point where the Open (Software) Engineering Service Bus (OpenEngSB) comes into play. It simplifies design and implementation of workflows in an engineering team. The engineering team itself (or a process administrator) is able to design workflows between different tools. The entire description process happens on the layer of generic domains instead of specific tool properties. This provides an out of the box solution which allows typical engineering teams to optimize their processes and make their workflows very flexible and easy to change. Also, OpenEngSB simplifies the replacement of individual tools and allows interdepartmental tool integration.

Project management is set to a new level since its possible to clearly guard all integrated tools and workflows. This offers new ways in notifying managers at the right moment and furthermore allows a very general, distanced and objective view on a project.

Although this concept is very powerful it cannot solve every problem. The OpenEngSB is not designed as a general graphical layer over an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) which allows you to design ALL of your processes out of the box. As long as you work in the designed domains of the OpenEngSB you have a lot of graphical support and other tools available making your work extremely easy. But when leaving the common engineering domains you also leave the core scope of the service bus. OpenEngSB still allows you to connect your own integration projects, use services and react on events, but you have to keep in mind that you're working outside the OpenEngSB and “falling back” to classical Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) patterns and tools.

However, this project does not try to reinvent the wheel. OpenEngSB will not replace the tools already used for your development process, it will integrate them. Our service bus is used to connect the different tools and design a workflow between them, but not to replace them with yet another application. For example, software engineers like us love their tools and will fight desperately if you try to take them away. We like the wheels as they are, but we do not like the way they are put together at the moment.


The OpenEngSB comes with the following features out of the box:

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