The OpenEngSB manual exists in various flavors. There is one "full" documentation available and a specifc one for each component. The documentation is quite huge and detailed. So please make sure that you've first read the Quickstart, so you don't get lost.

All pointers here point only to the latest available version. If you're looking for older documentation point here and chose the project and version you search.


OpenEngSB Framework

OpenEngSB Maven Plugin

OpenEngSB Appointment Domain

OpenEngSB Build Domain

OpenEngSB Contact Domain

OpenEngSB Deploy Domain

OpenEngSB Issue Domain

OpenEngSB Notification Domain

OpenEngSB Report Domain

OpenEngSB SCM Domain

OpenEngSB Test Domain

OpenEngSB Email Connector

OpenEngSB GCalendar Connector

OpenEngSB GContacts Connector

OpenEngSB Git Connector

OpenEngSB Github Connector

OpenEngSB Maven Connector

OpenEngSB Notification Sample Connector

OpenEngSB Plaintext Report Connector

OpenEngSB Prom Connector

OpenEngSB Trac Connector