OpenEngSB Trac Connector - Version 2.0.0 2012-01-10

In this release all all interfaces and implementations have been adapted to the latest domain/openengsb versions. In addition EDB/EKB access has been implemented.


You can download the release manually...

DescriptionDownload LinkPGPSHA1MD5
Binary DistributiondownloadPGPSHA1MD5
Source DistributiondownloadPGPSHA1MD5
Features DescriptordownloadPGPSHA1MD5
Docbook DistributiondownloadPGPSHA1MD5

...or reference the connector directly in Apache Maven...

</dependency> install the features either drop the features.xml into the deploy folder or add the following into the OpenEngSB shell...

features:addurl mvn:org.openengsb.connector/org.openengsb.connector.trac/2.0.0/xml/features
features:install openengsb-connector-trac/2.0.0

The KEYS used to sign the release can be found here.

Online Documentation

You can browse the documentation online here:

Release Notes


* OPENENGSB-2331 - adapt trac connector to current openengsb-framework
* OPENENGSB-2582 - Domains and Connectors need to include our snapshot repo to work with deployed snapshots correctly
* OPENENGSB-2647 - domain.version.range does not follow semantic versioning


* OPENENGSB-1839 - Enhance trac connector with EDB/EKB access
* OPENENGSB-2577 - add short description to connector-manual
* OPENENGSB-2586 - Include issuetracker, buildserver and inceptionYear from root

Library Upgrade

* OPENENGSB-2643 - upgrade domain-issue to 2.0.0


* OPENENGSB-2567 - move connector documentation to corresponding connector-repositories
* OPENENGSB-2568 - adapt connector to new flat package structure
* OPENENGSB-2659 - Release connector-trac-2.0.0
* OPENENGSB-2661 - use openengsb-connector-parent-2.4.0