OpenEngSB Report Domain - Version 2.0.0 2012-01-08

This release contains only upgrades to the latest OpenEngSB Framework 2.4.0 version.


You can download the release manually...

DescriptionDownload LinkPGPSHA1MD5
Binary DistributiondownloadPGPSHA1MD5
Source DistributiondownloadPGPSHA1MD5
Features DescriptordownloadPGPSHA1MD5
Docbook DistributiondownloadPGPSHA1MD5
ReportDomain WsdldownloadPGPSHA1MD5
ReportDomainEvents WsdldownloadPGPSHA1MD5

...or reference the domain directly in Apache Maven...

</dependency> install the features either drop the features.xml into the deploy folder or add the following into the OpenEngSB shell...

features:addurl mvn:org.openengsb.domain/
features:install openengsb-domain-report/2.0.0

The KEYS used to sign the release can be found here.

Online Documentation

You can browse the documentation online here:

Release Notes


* OPENENGSB-2327 - adapt report domain to current openengsb-framework
* OPENENGSB-2582 - Domains and Connectors need to include our snapshot repo to work with deployed snapshots correctly


* OPENENGSB-1845 - Enhance report domain with EDB CUD Events
* OPENENGSB-2586 - Include issuetracker, buildserver and inceptionYear from root
* OPENENGSB-2598 - Make package structure flat to make wsdl-generation possible

New Feature

* OPENENGSB-2513 - move documentation to domain
* OPENENGSB-2575 - Include wsdl definition from 2.4.0 parent


* OPENENGSB-2566 - upgrade openengsb-domain-parent to 2.3.0 in all domains
* OPENENGSB-2596 - Adapt in domains to be e.g. AppointmentDomain instead of Appointment alone
* OPENENGSB-2609 - Release openengsb-domain-report 2.0.0

Known Issues

Non by now