OpenEngSB Framework - Version 2.4.1 2012-01-17

This is a bugfix release fixing several issues that occured at runtime.


You can download the release manually...

DescriptionDownload LinkPGPSHA1MD5
Binary DistributiondownloadPGPSHA1MD5
Source DistributiondownloadPGPSHA1MD5
Docbook DistributiondownloadPGPSHA1MD5

...or use it directly in Apache Maven...


The KEYS used to sign the release can be found here.

Online Documentation

You can browse the documentation online here:

Release Notes


* OPENENGSB-2608 - Typo in OpenEngSBFileModel
* OPENENGSB-2683 - Not all features are started/downloaded for karaf/openengsb
* OPENENGSB-2695 - switching context in UI yields internal error


* OPENENGSB-2669 - Release framework 2.4.1

Known Issues

* OPENENGSB-1956 - activemq web console fails
* OPENENGSB-2398 - Start script of openengsb does not work on windows.
* OPENENGSB-2463 - TestClient: Inputfield for parameter is not displayed