OpenEngSB Framework - Version 2.4.2 2012-03-08

This bug-fix release fixed various minor bugs in the current EKB creation, WSDL handling, and various big problems (speed, handling, querying, ...) we had with neodatis by replacing the library using a simple serializable database as a backend now which works ways better than the full blown object database for the use cases. In addition this release contains various bug-fix related dependency upgrades; namely CXF (2.5.2), PaxExam Karaf (0.5.1), OpenEngSB Root (32) and Pax Wicket (0.7.6).


You can download the release manually...

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The KEYS used to sign the release can be found here.

Online Documentation

You can browse the documentation online here:

Release Notes


* OPENENGSB-2712 - createEmptyModel with ModelEntries as parameter discard model oid and model version
* OPENENGSB-2726 - Bug in the querying of models with submodels
* OPENENGSB-2728 - Flat structure for example domain
* OPENENGSB-2732 - Missing types in wsld generation
* OPENENGSB-2735 - openengsb-framework 2.4.1 starts karaf twice
* OPENENGSB-2736 - m2e-error in internal connector and domains
* OPENENGSB-2747 - Change Class<?> to Class
* OPENENGSB-2792 - Neodatis is incompatible to ASF release
* OPENENGSB-2795 - Processbags in tasks operate on shared instances

Library Upgrade

* OPENENGSB-2716 - Upgrade to cxf 2.5.2
* OPENENGSB-2769 - Upgrade labs-paxexam-karaf to 0.5.1
* OPENENGSB-2787 - Upgrade to openengsb-root-32
* OPENENGSB-2790 - Upgrade to pax-wicket 0.7.6


* OPENENGSB-2750 - Release framework 2.4.2

Known Issues

* OPENENGSB-1956 - activemq web console fails
* OPENENGSB-2398 - Start script of openengsb does not work on windows.
* OPENENGSB-2463 - TestClient: Inputfield for parameter is not displayed