OpenEngSB Framework - Version 2.4.4 2012-04-11

The fourth bug-fix release of the OpenEngSB Framework fixes duplicated distribution tags in the final assemblies, corrected the README file and enhanced our tests at various places. In addition it contains bug fix upgrades of Karaf (2.2.6) and Spring (3.0.7). Both increase the stability of this release.


You can download the release manually...

DescriptionDownload LinkPGPSHA1MD5
Binary DistributiondownloadPGPSHA1MD5
Source DistributiondownloadPGPSHA1MD5
Docbook DistributiondownloadPGPSHA1MD5

...or use it directly in Apache Maven...


The KEYS used to sign the release can be found here.

Online Documentation

You can browse the documentation online here:

Release Notes


* OPENENGSB-2877 - Duplicated distribution tags
* OPENENGSB-2894 - "further information" link in readme point to invalid location
* OPENENGSB-2916 - TestClientTests should not rely on specific ordering of methods
* OPENENGSB-2918 - endless-loops in itests should timeout at some point

Library Upgrade

* OPENENGSB-2900 - Upgrade to karaf 2.2.6
* OPENENGSB-2911 - Upgrade to spring 3.0.7.RELEASE


* OPENENGSB-2858 - Release framework 2.4.4

Known Issues

* OPENENGSB-1169 - "create wrapped artifacts" section outdated
* OPENENGSB-1232 - Workflows in RuleManager broken after bin/stop ing openengsb
* OPENENGSB-1568 - License headers are missing in
* OPENENGSB-1657 - OpenEngSB crashes when OSGI is loaded as feature dependency
* OPENENGSB-1735 - testHandleCallsParallel fails sometimes
* OPENENGSB-1769 - mvn eclipse:eclipse does not include html-files in build-path of ui-admin and ui-common
* OPENENGSB-1858 - itests fail when opencit is running
* OPENENGSB-1896 - languages are messed up in core-services
* OPENENGSB-1899 - Domain archetype contains reference to openengsb-core-events
* OPENENGSB-1956 - activemq web console fails
* OPENENGSB-1976 - Aries transactions/jpa hides parameter annotations
* OPENENGSB-2127 - modifying rulebase disrupts running flows
* OPENENGSB-2128 - Exception cannot be deserialized when transported via JSON
* OPENENGSB-2187 - ui-admin bundle fails to start when ui-common is redeployed
* OPENENGSB-2684 - TestClient: Input with wrong Format causes Exception during MethodCall
* OPENENGSB-2860 - jdk-download-link in documentation is broken
* OPENENGSB-2862 - zip-assembly is corrupt when built using java7