OpenEngSB Framework - Version 2.5.1 2012-07-11

The first maintainance release of the 2.5.x branch fixes 10 important issues in all parts of the OpenEngSB. In addition a minor enhancement to our build cycle had been done.


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Online Documentation

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Release Notes

Release Notes - OpenEngSB - Version framework-2.5.1


* OPENENGSB-2406 - ForwardHandler should also allow events not named raiseEvent
* OPENENGSB-2429 - JSON parser does not include fields/args which are null
* OPENENGSB-2684 - TestClient: Input with wrong Format causes Exception during MethodCall
* OPENENGSB-2994 - The workflow service unit test does not terminate sometimes
* OPENENGSB-3010 - Database does not reconnect on failure
* OPENENGSB-3012 - EDB queryForModels timestamp parameter check need to be smarter
* OPENENGSB-3016 - openengsb-test is missing from dependency-management in shared-pom
* OPENENGSB-3019 - give all components a higher start level
* OPENENGSB-3030 - EKB commit throw error with custom OpenEngSBModels
* OPENENGSB-3058 - MethodCall-marshaller does not load Array-types correctly


* OPENENGSB-3015 - add profiles to replace openengsb-plugin-tasks

Known Issues

* OPENENGSB-1232 - Workflows in RuleManager broken after bin/stop ing openengsb
* OPENENGSB-1568 - License headers are missing in
* OPENENGSB-1657 - OpenEngSB crashes when OSGI is loaded as feature dependency
* OPENENGSB-1769 - mvn eclipse:eclipse does not include html-files in build-path of ui-admin and ui-common
* OPENENGSB-1797 - WorkflowService seems to leave threads lying around
* OPENENGSB-1858 - Not all tests run green if another karaf instance is running
* OPENENGSB-1899 - Domain archetype contains reference to openengsb-core-events
* OPENENGSB-1956 - activemq web console fails
* OPENENGSB-2127 - modifying rulebase disrupts running flows
* OPENENGSB-2128 - Exception cannot be deserialized when transported via JSON
* OPENENGSB-2187 - ui-admin bundle fails to start when ui-common is redeployed
* OPENENGSB-2463 - TestClient: Inputfield for parameter is not displayed
* OPENENGSB-2706 - Domains should only depend on framework.api (not framework.common)
* OPENENGSB-2713 - Notice file handling process is incorrect
* OPENENGSB-2730 - serviceUtils leads to startup Issues
* OPENENGSB-2791 - Prepush JPATestIT fails under Windows
* OPENENGSB-2834 - cannot deploy framework because internal connectors reference non-existing features.xml
* OPENENGSB-2838 - WorkflowTest testLoad_shouldLoadAllWorkflowsFromFolder fails under Windows 7 x64
* OPENENGSB-2932 - permissionProviders is not defined in ui's application-context
* OPENENGSB-2964 - use delegated classloading to load Domain-interfaces and models
* OPENENGSB-2965 - Use Delegated classloading for JsonMarshalling
* OPENENGSB-2974 - Internal domain/connector documentation is not deployed correctly
* OPENENGSB-2986 - WorkflowDeployerService NullPointerException
* OPENENGSB-2993 - WorkflowService::waitForFlowToFinish returns when the first subworkflow finishes
* OPENENGSB-2997 - Shiro ThreadContext is not propagated when threads are spawned
* OPENENGSB-3007 - Remove duplicate CompositeConnector-classes
* OPENENGSB-3008 - ConnectorDeployer tries to create connectors on every boot
* OPENENGSB-3023 - some workflow-unittests failing randomly in java7
* OPENENGSB-3052 - show unregistered connectors as OFFLINE
* OPENENGSB-3057 - MethodCall-marshalling cannot handle Lists with complex content
* OPENENGSB-3068 - "Opt-out" restriction for remote service-calls makes no sense