OpenEngSB - Version 2.0.0 2012-01-12

The final release 2.0.0 of the Open Engineering Service Bus comes with OpenEngSB Framework 2.4.0 including a variety of new features: A general possibility to handle OAuth, now allowing connectors to e.g. Facebook and Twitter; A set of Karaf command line support (info, service, connector, domain); Implementation of the Engineering Database for version and storing models; A prototypic implementation of the Engineering Knoledge Base allowing to work with the models of tools and query against them; Minor enhancements in the administration UI (coloring, bug-fixes, ...); Java 7 compatibility; Full filter chains for the implementation of the remoting part making it possible to configure encryption, authentication, authorisation, and method calls quite easily; JPA support within the OpenEngSB; Possibility to create and change connector instances in configuration files. In addition those releases bring the following new versions and all their new features and bug fixes of the base tools to the OpenEngSB: Apache Karaf (2.2.5); Apache CXF (2.5.1), Apache ActiveMQ (5.5.1), Drools (5.3.0.FINAL), Wicket (1.4.19). The OpenEngSB 2.0.0 comes with the following tools and connectors: Binary Transformation Provider Factory (Smooks Binary Transform Provider Factory), Auditing (MemoryAuditing), Example (Example), Notification (Email), Appointment (Gcalendar), Contact (Gcontacts), Scm (Git), Issue (Github, Trac), Build (Maven), Test (Maven), Deploy (Maven), Report (Plain Text Report, ProM Report); All of those connectors and domains had been adapted to the latest version of the framework.


You can download the release manually...

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The KEYS used to sign the release can be found here.

Online Documentation

You can browse the documentation online here:

Release Notes


* OPENENGSB-2343 - Pdf Image path points to wrong directory


* OPENENGSB-1717 - OpenEngSB Ports configuration have to support service filtering and unsecure queues
* OPENENGSB-1747 - Enhance all domains with EDB access
* OPENENGSB-2061 - Provide EDB support directly in the openengsb
* OPENENGSB-2062 - Provide module base UI system
* OPENENGSB-2063 - JPA based backend integration
* OPENENGSB-2065 - Add remote security
* OPENENGSB-2066 - OAuth support
* OPENENGSB-2067 - Include facebook connector
* OPENENGSB-2207 - Support full range of possible startup scripts
* OPENENGSB-2257 - Include documentation into distribution
* OPENENGSB-2384 - Provide informations for easier bridge implementation


* OPENENGSB-2374 - Use CHANGELOG instead of
* OPENENGSB-2375 - Use internal, full changelog
* OPENENGSB-2380 - To allow easier build using repo add a ueber pom
* OPENENGSB-2603 - Include versions into shell branding

Library Upgrade

* OPENENGSB-2344 - Upgrade openengsb-root to 30
* OPENENGSB-2351 - Upgrade to openengsb-framework 2.4.0
* OPENENGSB-2354 - Upgrade to appointment-domain 2.0.0
* OPENENGSB-2355 - upgrade to build-domain 2.0.0
* OPENENGSB-2356 - upgrade to contact-domain 2.0.0
* OPENENGSB-2357 - upgrade deploy domain to 2.0.0
* OPENENGSB-2358 - Upgrade to issue-domain 2.0.0
* OPENENGSB-2359 - Upgrade to notification domain 2.0.0
* OPENENGSB-2360 - Upgrade to report domain 2.0.0
* OPENENGSB-2361 - Upgrade to scm domain 2.0.0
* OPENENGSB-2363 - upgrade email connector to 2.0.0
* OPENENGSB-2364 - Upgrade to gcalender connector 2.0.0
* OPENENGSB-2365 - Upgrade to gcontacts connector 2.0.0
* OPENENGSB-2366 - Upgrade to git connector 2.0.0
* OPENENGSB-2367 - Upgrade to github connector 2.0.0
* OPENENGSB-2368 - upgrade to maven connector 2.0.0
* OPENENGSB-2369 - upgrade to plain-text-report 2.0.0
* OPENENGSB-2370 - Upgrade to prom-report connector 2.0.0
* OPENENGSB-2371 - Upgrade to trac connector 2.0.0
* OPENENGSB-2682 - Upgrade domain-test to 2.0.1

New Feature

* OPENENGSB-2414 - Add source extractions to docbook generations


* OPENENGSB-1758 - Release openengsb-2.0.0
* OPENENGSB-1993 - move documentation from framework to openengsb
* OPENENGSB-2017 - Move branding from framework to openengsb
* OPENENGSB-2024 - Include branding into distribution build
* OPENENGSB-2025 - Include documentation build into distribution
* OPENENGSB-2094 - Provide initial manifest structure for the openengsb project
* OPENENGSB-2345 - Create own assembly project for openengsb (bundle)
* OPENENGSB-2437 - Create branding for bundle
* OPENENGSB-2565 - Adapt manual to new behavior
* OPENENGSB-2570 - include documentation for connectors and domains in bundle documentation

Known Issues

* OPENENGSB-1353 Jira Axis connector conflicts with openengsb-ports CXF