This project uses Git as Source Content Management System to manage its source code.

Web Access

All source repositories could be found on github using the following link:

There you'll find various projects containing the domains, connectors, frameworks, maven-plugin and various other tools like IDE integrations.

Anonymous access

All projects could be checked out anonymously:

git clone git://

Developer access

If you've commit rights to the repositories you can easily checkout them with the following command:

git clone

Using repo

Repo is a collection of Python scripts allowing easier management of multible git repositories. After you've installed repo do the following steps to get the entire project sources follow the next steps.

Getting OpenEngSB sources

The entire code of the maven-plugin, domains, connectors and framework could be retrieved by:

mkdir openengsb; cd openengsb
repo init -u git://
repo sync
ln -s .repo/manifest/pom.xml

Getting Loom Visual Studio CSharp

For the Visual Studio IDE support use

mkdir loom-vs-csharp; cd loom-vs-csharp
repo init -u git://
repo sync
ln -s .repo/manifest/pom.xml