Chapter 3. When to use the OpenEngSB

The OpenEngSB project has several direct purposes which should be explained within this chapter to make clear in which situations the OpenEngSB can be useful for you.

3.1. The OpenEngSB as Base Environment

OSGi is a very popular integration environment. Instead of delivering one big product the products get separated into minor parts and deployed within a general environment. The problem with this concept is to get old, well known concepts up and running in the new environment. In addition tools such as PAX construct allow a better integration into Apache Maven, and extended OSGi runtimes, such as Karaf allow a richer and easier development. Nevertheless, setting up such a system for development means a lot of hard manual work. Using the OpenEngSB such systems can be setup within minutes.

3.2. Reusing integration Components and Workflows

The OpenEngSB introduces a new level of ESB. Development with all typical ESBs mean to start from the ground and develop a complete, own environment, only using existing connectors. Using the OpenEngSB not only connectors but an entire integrated process, workflow and event environment waits for you. In addition connectors to different tools can not only be adapted to the specific needs, but also simply replaced by other connectors, using the Domain concept.

3.3. Management Environment

The OpenEngSB delivers a complete management and monitoring environment. While this environment can be added to your project standalone (similar to e.g. Tomcat management console) you also have the possibility to completely integrate the OpenEngSB management environment into your Apache Wicket application.

3.4. Simple Development and Distribution Management

While typical ESB have to be installed separately from your application the OpenEngSB is delivered with your application. Develop your application in the OpenEngSB environment and scripts to embed your application into the OpenEngSB are provided. In addition easy blending allows to adapt the OpenEngSB visually to your needs and cooperate design.

3.5. Simple Plug-Ins and Extensions

The OpenEngSB provides the infrastructure for a rich Plug-In and extension system. Using maven archetypes Plug-Ins can be created, uploaded and provided to all other OpenEngSB installations or applications using the OpenEngSB.